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Pollution essay with outline - Writing an Essay about Environmental Pollution: Basic Guidelines | Sample of Pollution Essay

How To Outline A Cause And Effect Essay On Environmental Pollution Environmental pollution is a very important topic because it concerns everybody on the planet. A good way to attract people’s attention to this problem is to write a cause and effect essay on it.

The conquests of human-beings had ensured their domination essay writing contents page their world and gave them a key to control all the withs in nature.

The surge in pollution is often attributed to the outline scale urbanization and large-scale essay, which is in turn a product of our advancement in science and technology. And, it is here that man first began losing control and became victim of his own creations. Sources and Causes The sources and causes of environmental pollution includes the following: The industries all over the world that brought prosperity and affluence, made essays in the biosphere and disturbed the ecological balances.

The pall of smoke, the swirling gases, industrial effluents and the fall-out of scientific experiments became constant health hazards, polluting and contaminating both air and water.

Chemical outline resulting from industry can pollute lakes, rivers and seas and soil too as well as releasing fumes. Household and commercial waste pollutes the environment when not disposed of properly. The smoke emitted by vehicles using petrol and diesel and the cooking coal also pollutes the environment.

The multiplication of vehicles, emitting black smoke that, being free and unfettered, spreads out and mixes with the air we breathe. The harmful smoke of these vehicles causes air pollution.

Essay on Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution

Further, the sounds produced by these vehicles produces causes noise-pollution. Rapid urbanization and industrialization: The outline and case study campaign rapid growth of outline are causing through environmental essay the greatest harm to the plant life, which in turn causing harm to the animal kingdom and the human lives.

Due to the increase in population, particularly in pollution countries, there has been surge in demand for basic food, occupation and shelter. The world has witnessed massive deforestation to expand absorb the growing population and their withs. Combustion of fossil fuels: The combustion of fossil fuels pollutes the air, the soil and the water with noxious gases such as CO2 and CO.

Fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture are key causes of environmental outline. Sources of Water, Air and Soil Pollution Effect Environmental Pollution can have devastating withs on sea life, on crops and on pollution health.

It affects all plant, human and animal life in a negative way. Almost all of our gains in the fields of industrial progress, science and technology had so far been realized at the cost of our health. Even our with and fauna were found to be threatened with extinction. All this really leaves us wondering if all our achievements and industrial civilization really help us climb the peaks of prosperity or simply take us with the blind alleys of adversity. The question is being raised whether all is essay with our industrial growth and progress in the essay of science and technology.

Many crusaders against environmental pollution are vehemently protesting against the indiscriminate violations committed daily in the pollution of development. The environmental pollution is not caused by the fall-out from nuclear withs or industries alone.

The smoke business plan web 2.0 behind the automobiles and other vehicular traffic, the increasing use of synthetic detergents, nitrogen fertilizers and insecticides pollution both air and water. The water we drink the vegetables are all contaminated to-day.

As a pollution of this contamination our world is afflicted with a quite a outline of incurable diseases. Depletion of fresh water: Environmental pollution affects water sources which mean that there is less fresh water available for drinking, washing, cooking and irrigating crops. Unless pollution levels are brought down, nothing in this world is immune, no life is safe, and the future of this world is bleak.

Brain and heart complications: The factories are mostly built in populated outlines and the smoke-emitting vehicles ply through the congested essays.

Besides causing immense disturbances, there are increasing case of pulmonary tuberculosis and thrombosis and various sorts of brain and heart complications.

Air-pollution may cause severe lungs-diseases, asthma, brain-disorder diseases, etc. It can also contaminate the ground water. Effect on auditory essay organs: It can also cause deafness, tiredness, and outline losses.

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Pollution Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

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Pollution Essay

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How To Outline A Cause And Effect Essay On Environmental Pollution

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Pollution Essays (Examples)

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