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Case study house 18 (fields house) beverly hills california 1955-58 - The Case Study Houses Program: Craig Ellwood's Case Study House 18

The Fields House, better known as Case Study House No. 18 B was the one that was more successful in the series of Case Study Houses of Craig Ellwood. In this house Ellwood introduced many improvements over the previous ones.

The Case Study Houses Program: Craig Ellwood’s Case Study House 18

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Inhe joined the firm Lamport Cofer Salzman L. These lighting fittings are used in all parts of the house where they could display paintings.

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Structure As Case Study No. Burke later legally changed his name to Ellwood.

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Description This spacious house plant U bedrooms grouped in a wing perpendicular to the willingness of the dining room, kitchen and lounge. Thus the firm received a growing stream of both residential and commercial commissions, and Ellwood's style matured to fully embrace the concepts put forth by International Style architects, particularly Mies van der Rohe.