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Essay on bethany hamilton

Bethany Hamilton has become a source of inspiration to millions through her story of faith, determination, and hope. Born into a family of surfers on February 8, , on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, Bethany began surfing at a young age.

Bethany Hamilton

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22:59 Malashicage:
She continues to be an inspiration to those who have faced great hardships during the course of their lives. The important reminder and angle of this story is clear and simple.

21:17 Makazahn:
She has visited many schools hospitals and done many interviews to share her story. She used all her strength to fight for her life, get back up, and try again even though the odds were stacked against her. She is an inspiration to many and the media have helped her become who she is today.

15:11 Viramar:
Hamilton also won the special courage award at the Teen Choice Awards.

12:23 Tojalkree:
Hamilton lived with her parents, two brothers and her dog, Ginger. The media love Hamilton. She picked up a sponsor, Rip Curl, which aided her with her plans of becoming a professional surfer.